We tell you when electricity is cheaper so you can continue saving


Do you need to know when electricity is cheaper to save as much as possible? Through this article we explain which hours are when electricity is cheapest.

At what time of day is electricity the cheapest?

Every time there are new electricity service rates, so it has become necessary to know exactly when is electricity cheaper and make the most of that time. First, you need to take into account whether you work during the day at home or, on the contrary, if you work outside and consume electricity at night.

In the first situation, you must look for the rate that best suits your consumption; However, for the second, we recommend that you use the service with time discrimination.

The most favorable hours and the periods in which the energy is most cheap They depend, in part, on rates with time discrimination. These tend to have stripes where light is usually expensive and others in which it is cheaper. It offers two to three bands to adjust to different needs:

  • Firstly, we have the one that has a part of off-peak hours and another part of peak hours, separated by 10 hours each. It has a difference of one hour when it is winter.
  • The second consists of three sections: off-peak hours of 7 hours, flat hours of 6 hours separately and, finally, peak hours of 10 hours.

The light that is usually cheaper, recommended for those who work outside, corresponds to off-peak hours at night, being more convenient for people who arrive home at night. On the contrary, peak hours correspond to daytime hours and are the most expensive.

How much do you save with these rates?

With this rate you can save between 30% – 35% of electricity costs, as long as you adapt all the consumption in your home to the hours that best suit you and are easiest for you.

In addition, this rate is very useful if you have more energy consumption during the day or night, because this way you can establish parameters.

cheaper light

Advantages and disadvantages

The purpose of these rates is he greater light savingsthis is its main advantage, since you can save by dividing the expense into the hours that you usually consume the most energy, this also depends on how much time you spend at home.

Another very convenient advantage is that, in case this type of rate does not work for you, you can return to the one you had previously, since it has no permanence and you can cancel it at any time.

As for the disadvantages, these rates have marked schedules, so you will not be able to consume electricity while you are at the hours that you did not establish. And finally, you must hire a smart meterthis is mandatory use.

How to save energy effectively?

To save more, you can adapt some actions that, when paying, will reduce the bill a lot and will be very easy to comply with:

  • Do not use the appliances that consume the most energy during expensive hours.
  • Avoid leaving electrical devices plugged in that you are not using, such as the computer at night, microwave, chargers.
  • Use LED bulbs, they consume less and illuminate more.
  • Choose a rate that fits your consumption.

These are some tips that you can take into account so that your bill is not so high. Likewise, it is of great importance to teach children the best way to save, since it is a very practical way of giving them small responsibilities.

Would you like to know more about which rate is ideal and how to save? We recommend that you visit the following page, so you will know when electricity is cheaper and you will be able to obtain much more information to save as much as you can.

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