Until when will the price of kWh continue to rise? We make a forecast


Do you want to know until when the kWh will increase? In this article we give you all the information about the reasons why it rises and until when it will be.

He kWh price has risen noticeably in recent years due to dependence on imported gas. To produce electricity it is necessary to acquire gas, this is responsible for powering the operation of an electricity generator.

Europe was in charge of buying gas from Russia before the war between Russia and Ukraine. Once the war broke out in 2022, Europe lifted sanctions on Russia. Among those sanctions, it was established that no European country can buy gas from Russia.

This measure has been unfavorable for Europe since they have had to buy gas from the United States for a higher price. This has generated an increase in kWh price notable in Europe. Despite this, the price of electricity varies depending on the electricity companies. Each company offers various plans that favor users and the price of electricity does not affect their pockets so much.

Until when will the price per kWh continue to increase?

By 2023, economists predict that the price per kWh will continue to increase. The economic measures against Russia will continue and this will continue to affect the European continent. In France this past year there has been a closure of more than 20 reactors that provided electricity to this country. This will undoubtedly boost electricity prices for the coming years.

The war between Ukraine and Russia is not over yet and the difficult months will continue especially in the United Kingdom. This country is seriously affected, since the start of the pandemic the price of electricity has been increasing in the United Kingdom.

Europe is waiting for the European Commission to present a favorable plan for all affected countries. Countries in Europe hope that a limit on imported gas prices will be established and approved. It is estimated that the coming years will be very complicated in terms of energy production.

In Europe, governments have been responsible for promoting energy savings in their countries. The use of solar panels for homes and workplaces has also been promoted. This is so that the country saves electricity and the inhabitants do not have excessive expenses on their monthly electricity bills.

The price of kWh is on the rise

Unfortunately there is no favorable forecast for the kWh price get off in European countries. As long as the war continues and Russia does not continue exporting gas to Europe, these countries will be forced to buy gas at very high prices.

Even if the war between Russia and Ukraine stops, its consequences will still remain. Countries are taking their forecasts so that in the coming decades the price of electricity can be normalized again. Each government establishes its own economic strategies but the results will be seen in the long term.

Have you been interested in this article about the kWh price forecasts for the coming years? On their website you will find more information about the electricity rates offered by different companies in Europe. Consult and learn more about prices so that as a user, price increases do not impact your economy so seriously.

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