Protect your new single-family home with the best alarm system


We all have a prototype of an ideal house in our minds. And even more so if we are preparing to start a family and settle in a permanent place. Getting our dream home requires a lot of effort and dedication, so it is necessary to continually keep it protected.

For this reason, single-family homes are ideal for enjoying your family life and hiring an alarm connected to the internet to protect it is the best option to preserve your most precious objects and feelings.

But what is a single-family house?

Just as the word says, it is a property that houses a single family and is not located in residential complexes or urbanizations. Opting for a single-family home has a series of advantages that the construction of traditional houses does not have.

First of all, the future resident of the home can personalize your home according to your tastes and needs, that is, you have all the freedom to adjust it to your preferences.

Likewise, you can choose the style of home that you like the most and adjust your distributions according to the terrain where it is going to be built and the needs of future residents.

He Outdoor space is used to the maximumsince in it they can design the locations for the pool, the barbecue, the layout of the garden and the accessories that users wish to add.

Furthermore, despite having their own outdoor space, they are some homes that enjoy more privacy with respect to other types of constructions.

And if in the future the residents decide carry out a renovation at home, it will be a simpler process since they do not have to have permission from the community of owners.

How to get the best security system for our single-family home?

protects single-family home

First of all, we must take into account three particularities when hire a home alarm:

  • Let it be a security system that adapts to the characteristics of our home.
  • That works through the latest technology.
  • Know the services it offers and the guarantees it provides us.

The security systems market is very broad, but one of the most in demand is the security systems that include alarms and video surveillance cameras.

This is due to the high efficiency that these systems provide, because in the event of an intrusion or theft in your home, will automatically transmit a notice both the police and you, in addition to having everything recorded in images.

This fact allows the user to remain continuously connected to the security system of the house, since you can access the images captured by the video surveillance camera from anywhere and in real time.

Another benefit it provides is that it does not require a personal computer to function but rather they connect directly to the network and present their own IP addressfurther increasing its reliability and security.

As it is a Wi-Fi controlled security camera and system, the user can Remotely control the direction the camera focuses or program the recording of images to be activated automatically when detecting any type of movement. Furthermore, it presents the possibility of schedule recording slots and store and transmit the files already filmed by the recording device and be able to download them at any time.

In fact, if the need arises to share these files, it has the advantage of being able to do so via email, thus avoiding the obligation to download another application for this.

It is also a security system that remains in constant updatingso you will enjoy the latest technology to keep your single-family home protected.

For your alarm system to work correctly, the main thing is to have quality fiber optics.

Because? Because keeping our home completely connected to the network will provide us with many advantages and greater peace of mind when carrying out our functions in it.

And on the other hand, if you want to increase the efficiency of the security systems you purchase, you must keep them connected to the home internet so you can control them with your mobile phone. Therefore, fiber optics are a fundamental element for your new home.

Benefits of fiber optics in your new home

  • High speed.
  • Priority in sending data.
  • 24 hour services.
  • Possibility of contracting comprehensive packages that include it.
  • Customer service made up of specialized technicians.
  • Greater cybersecurity.

In addition, the fiber optic cable acts as a constant sensor, so it perceives any type of movement, noise or vibration, resulting in real-time monitoring.

Likewise, having a monitoring system provides great advantages to the home owner since it is a system that, as we have talked about, is designed to operate in real time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

On the other hand, it is very precise since it indicates exactly the position where the incident was detected. Let's say it is an “all-terrain” system because it is capable of functioning correctly in hostile environments, in addition to being able to integrate into CCTV systems.

Is having good fiber enough?

The answer is no. Yes, it is true that it is essential, but we must put certain aspects into practice to optimize the connection of our security systems to the Internet. To do this we can:

  • Lower the quality of the data we receive, that is, the images transmitted by the video surveillance cameras do not have the maximum resolution, so as not to abuse the bandwidth.
  • Hire plans with unlimited services. Even though the outlay is higher, we will avoid suffering from connection failures.
  • Eliminate unnecessary information by adjusting system settings to maximize connection profitability on relevant data.

In this way, by carrying out these types of actions and having a good internet connection you will be able to enjoy all the advantages that this type of digital security systems provide.

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