Oceanfront Homes: A Luxurious Investment for Serene Living

Oceanfront Homes: A Luxurious Investment for Serene Living

Oceanfront homes boast a charm that’s truly unmatched. Many spend their lives dreaming of such residences, brimming with magic and splendor.

Undoubtedly, they feature a meticulously curated aesthetic, not to mention their meticulous architectural design. For many, these homes symbolize tranquility, relaxation, harmony, and peace.

Living on the coast offers numerous advantages, making oceanfront homes a significant investment for many owners.

Indeed, these properties are highly valuable assets in the real estate market, making them profitable for renting or selling (if necessary).

Furthermore, their demand has skyrocketed along the Spanish coast in recent years, in areas like the Costa del Sol or Costa Brava, showcasing Spaniards’ fascination with oceanfront homes.

Oceanfront Homes: A Future Investment

Homes with views of the Cantabrian Sea or the Mediterranean coast represent a significant future investment. Especially since these areas appreciate significantly over time.

Today, we’d like to share the main aspects considered in designing these dwellings.

Additionally, we’ll provide you with valuable, updated, and relevant information about their price range and the currently most attractive areas for inhabiting an oceanfront home.

Modern oceanfront villa at sunrise showcasing luxury coastal living

Design of an Oceanfront Home

The design of these emblematic buildings requires considering key elements, such as the following:


The plot’s location plays a very important role; so much so that it’s considered a critical success factor when building a beach house.

It’s worth mentioning that the orientation of the rooms within the property depends fundamentally on where it is located in the condominium.

Moreover, certain factors like solar incidence, terrain slope, and wind are decisive when analyzing the location of the house’s rooms.

Notably, because coastal or beach climate can be very hostile at a construction level. Consequently, other vital elements come into play, such as:

  • Climate control.
  • Cross ventilation.
  • Proper lighting.

Equally important is controlling humidity levels in the home’s environments and using aluminum or PVC joinery with airtight closure.

Home Zoning

Zoning also plays important roles. One of the most outstanding is that it allows for properly locating spaces so that they interact masterfully with each other.

To achieve this, the needs to be satisfied and the functions to be fulfilled are taken into account. A good distribution is one that is based on plans and is eminently practical, comfortable, and functional.

Moreover, each space in the house must consider the size and shape of the following areas:

  • Kitchen. It could be an open concept or in a completely separate environment.
  • Bedrooms and bathrooms. Depending on the number of people living in the house.
  • Dining and living rooms: The former can be integrated with the kitchen or independent of this area.
  • Living room. Usually a warm, family-friendly environment suitable for all family members.
  • Terrace: This tends to be one of the most incredible areas of oceanfront homes. The view from the terrace can be panoramic, and its general ambiance is always well-thought-out.

Orientation of the Home

The orientation of oceanfront houses must adapt to the environment and the topography of the land where they will be built. Likewise, the distribution of windows or large windows should be considered, in order to maximize the incidence of natural sunlight.

The design and orientation should enhance the sea view. But it’s important that everything is done perfectly so that the terrain’s profile doesn’t need to be abruptly modified. In theory, the land cut and house orientation will determine the distribution and many other construction tasks.

On the other hand, enthusiasts of modern and ecological houses pay a lot of attention to the natural environment, and strive to involve it in the entire concept, elevating it completely.


While it’s true that any construction project needs the use of quality materials, it’s undeniable that this becomes much more significant with oceanfront homes.

It’s essential that the finishes and coatings be capable of withstanding the beach climate. Therefore, the best material options are:

  • Aluminum.
  • Natural stones.
  • Glass.
  • Treated wood.
  • Exposed concretes, etc.

Generally, the internal floors of these homes are ceramic or porcelain stoneware, while the internal walls are usually cement coated with latex paints.

Meanwhile, terraces often have non-slip porcelain tiles, especially if a pool has been built on them.

However, it’s worth mentioning that each owner has different tastes and preferences. So, the construction and design team must ensure to successfully meet their requirements.

Elegant interior of a luxury oceanfront home with expansive sea views

Essential Characteristics of Oceanfront Homes

Here are four inherent characteristics of constructions near the coast:


It’s impossible to conceive the design of an oceanfront home without considering the view it would have. Indeed, this factor is decisive when choosing the land. The views over the sea must be guaranteed, as this is one of the major attractions of these construction complexes.

The openings of the home should be able to frame the external landscape from inside the house, without this implying an exaggerated entry of solar radiation into the dwelling.


Accessibility is extremely relevant when it comes to building oceanfront homes, as many coastal areas have rough or steeply sloping lands. For this reason, it’s common to perform work with the slope to ensure accessibility from the outside, and in the development of the house’s own levels.

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Those who dream of living by the sea are very clear about the comfort, peace, and relaxation it generates. They are simply eager to inhabit these homes throughout the year, and not only during the spring or summer season.

These homes should not only be comfortable in terms of space distribution or decoration. But also in thermal and energy matters. That’s why eco-friendly homes located by the sea are some of the most in-demand currently. They simply meet the needs of the owners and also those of nature.

Moreover, today it’s very feasible to live in a house located on the coast that does not depend on non-renewable energies for self-sufficiency, which is extremely eco-friendly.


Beach houses are usually full of large windows and spacious terraces that allow for appreciating the sea in all its splendor.

However, this does not mean that privacy should be underestimated in the slightest. It’s important to remember that owners do not enjoy being seen from the outside, and therefore, the design must be complemented with:

  • A good orientation.
  • Vegetative filters.
  • Optimal construction systems that foster a sense of privacy and security in the home.

Costs of Beach Homes

Prices per square meter of land depend on several important factors, such as: dimensions of the land, location, and characteristics of the chosen area.

In Tarragona, the prices of plots range around 1000€/m2, depending on the adjacent beaches, accessibility, and more. While in the Maresme area (one of the most exclusive), plots range in more than 1000€/m2.

On the other hand, in Costa Brava, Catalonia, the prices of plots exceed 1,200€/m2, especially if they are very close to the sea line. Now, if you are excited about the idea of living in high-end oceanfront homes, specifically on the coastline of the Valencian Community, you would have to be willing to pay up to 2,000€/m2.

But if your budget is tighter, you should consider investing in a beach house located further north on the Spanish peninsula. In those locations, the current market prices for urbanizable lands with sea views range around 100 – 200€/m2.

Finally, living in oceanfront homes is a completely magical, privileged, and formidable experience. These buildings have incredible views, are very close to the sea, and offer a high degree of comfort, relaxation, tranquility, and modernism.

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