How to Design the Perfect Terrace for Your Single-Family Home


Designing a terrace in single-family homes is an exciting and personalized task that requires considering multiple aspects. From selecting the right size and location to furniture, greenery and design elements, every detail should be carefully considered to create a welcoming and functional outdoor space that reflects your personal style.

In this article, we'll explore some of the most important considerations when designing a deck for your single-family home and give you practical tips for customizing it and making it unique.

Choose the right size and location for your terrace

The proper size and location of a terrace are essential elements in creating the perfect space to enjoy the outdoors in your single-family home. It is important to consider the amount of space you want and the purpose of the terrace, as this will determine its location.

If you want a large terrace to host family and social gatherings, it is advisable to choose a location at the back of the house that has direct access to the kitchen. Thus, the outdoor kitchen can be integrated with the terrace space to facilitate the organization of food and drinks.

On the other hand, if the terrace is designed to relax and enjoy the sun, a good option is to locate it at the front of the house or on the roof, to make the most of the natural light and views.

Another important factor to consider is the size of the terrace, since it must be in accordance with the needs and available space. If you have limited space, you can opt for compact, multifunctional furniture, such as folding tables and stackable chairs, to maximize the available space. If the space is larger, additional elements such as sun loungers, sofas and even a pool or jacuzzi can be incorporated to create a complete relaxation space.


Regarding the style and decoration of the terrace, the choice of materials and colors is essential to achieve a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Incorporating greenery such as pots and plants, along with adequate lighting and accessories such as cushions and rugs, can transform your terrace into an outdoor oasis.

In short, choosing the right size and location for your terrace is essential to creating a comfortable, functional and welcoming space. With the right elements, you can create a unique environment that adapts to your personal needs and tastes, and that allows you to enjoy the outdoors in your single-family home in a relaxed and comfortable way.

Create a cozy and functional environment with the right furniture

The right furniture is essential to create a cozy and functional atmosphere on your terrace. It is important to consider the style and purpose of the terrace when choosing furniture, to ensure that it is comfortable, resistant and durable.

Furniture should be selected taking into account the needs of the space and the general style of the house. If you are looking to create a cozy and elegant environment, you can incorporate garden furniture with clean lines and neutral colors, combined with decorative accessories such as cushions, rugs and lamps to create a warmer space.

If the terrace is located in a sunny area, it is important to choose UV-resistant furniture, such as rattan or wood, so that they do not deteriorate over time. Additionally, you can add umbrellas, awnings or pergolas to provide shade and a cool environment.

If the terrace is designed to spend time with family and receive visitors, tables and chairs can be incorporated to allow socialization and interaction between guests. On the other hand, if space is limited, you can opt for multifunctional furniture, such as sofas with built-in storage, folding tables and stackable chairs.

In addition to the main furniture, decorative elements such as pots and plants can be added to give life and color to the environment. You can also incorporate lighting elements, such as lanterns or hanging lamps, to create a more intimate and cozy atmosphere at night.

In short, choosing the right furniture is key to creating a cozy and functional atmosphere on your terrace. Furniture must be selected taking into account the style and purpose of the terrace, to ensure comfort, durability and resistance. With the right furniture, decorative accessories and lighting elements, you can transform your terrace into a unique and cozy space to enjoy the outdoors in your single-family home.

Add vegetation and light to give life to your terrace

Adding greenery and light to your terrace is a great way to liven it up and transform it into an outdoor oasis. Incorporating plants and lighting elements is a simple and economical way to create a fresh and welcoming environment.

Vegetation is essential for a terrace, as it provides color, texture and freshness to the environment. Plants can be of different sizes and species, from small pots with succulents to large planters with trees and shrubs. Plants also help purify the air and create a healthier, more relaxing environment.

terrace In addition, adequate lighting is essential to create a cozy and warm atmosphere on your terrace. Soft lights can be used to create indirect lighting and give a more intimate look. You can also place hanging lamps or lanterns to create a more elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. The choice of lighting will depend on the style of the terrace and the atmosphere you want to create.

Another option to add vegetation and light to your terrace is to incorporate elements such as water fountains, ponds or waterfalls. These elements not only add beauty and tranquility, but also provide the relaxing sound of running water.

Incorporate design elements to personalize your terrace

Incorporating design elements is a great way to personalize your terrace and give it a unique touch that reflects your style and personality. Here we present some ideas to add design elements to your terrace and make it more welcoming and attractive:


Textiles are an easy and economical way to add color and texture to your terrace. Cushions, pillows and blankets can be used to create a cozy and relaxing environment. Weather-resistant outdoor fabrics are an excellent option for terraces.

Decorative objects

Decorative objects can add a personal touch to your terrace. You can choose sculptures, ceramics, vases, among others, to decorate your outdoor space. Make sure they are weather resistant so they don't get damaged by sun and rain.

Original furniture

Your terrace furniture can be a way to express your style. You can opt for custom-made furniture or even recycle objects to create unique pieces. For example, an old bicycle can be transformed into a table or chair.

Roofs and covers

Roofs and covers can add protection and personality to your terrace. You can opt for wooden roofs, wrought iron structures, polycarbonate covers, among other options. Make sure they are weather resistant and suit the style of your terrace.


The pavement of your terrace can be used as a design element. There are many options available such as tiles, natural stones, wood, among others. Make sure you choose a strong, durable material for the exterior.

Incorporating design elements into your terrace is a way to personalize it and make it unique. Textiles, decorative objects, original furniture, ceilings and covers and floors are some of the elements that you can use to transform your outdoor space into a cozy and stylish place. Remember to choose weather-resistant materials adapted to your personal style to achieve the desired result.


Do you want to design the perfect terrace for your home?

Designing terraces on single-family homes is a process that requires careful planning and a personalized approach. It is important to select the appropriate size and location, furniture and design elements that suit your needs. Vegetation and light are key elements to give life to your terrace, while the selection of resistant and durable materials guarantees its durability.

In general, designing your terrace can be an exciting and creative process that allows you to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest, do not hesitate to contact the CMYK Arquitectos team if you have any questions about this process.

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